Good Vibrations - New Years Day

“A person can surmount any difficulties, achieve almost anything they want, if they can harness their powers”
Step consciously into the year empowered with clear intentions to shape your destiny and live life to its fullest potential.
Together we will conduct traditional techniques and ceremony to at first take stock of the past and release.
Once clear, with awareness we will enter an effortless space of meditation, create our intentions and fortify their presence and
wisdom in our lives.
Settle with an entire hour of rest allowing the ability of sound
vibrations to calibrate positive shifts in your being.

A grazing table and time to remain in the space and process will be available after the event

DATE: Tuesday 1st January 2019

TIME: 3 - 5.30pm

ADMISSION: $55 early bird (until December 21)
$65 Full ticket

Claire Sawatzky