40 days to Light up your Life

Light up your Life is a 6 week journey set within our community minded space in the centre of Cowes, Phillip Island where you feel supported to delve through the layers within and access the true depths of yourself through Yoga.

40 days to gain clarity on your life and a structured process to light up from the inside out.

Based on 4 Powerful Elements of Yoga - Asana (the physical practice), Meditation, Pranayama (breathing exercises) & Personal Inquiry, you are given the tools to move beyond the physical, overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that hold you back in life, feel vibrant, clear, and free; and be a step closer to living life from the true you.

Learn why this ancient art of yoga makes you feel so good, not just physically but more balanced emotionally, mentally and energetically.

Monday February 12 - Friday 23rd March 

What's involved?

* Daily yoga (4 Studio/1 home/1 yin/1active rest day per week)
* Daily meditation
* Weekly meet ups - Mondays 7.45pm
* Guided journaling
* Supportive emails.

We will hold the Space, you bring the courage and commitment to Dive Deep.


Members $75 (3 month or 1 year unlimited)

Non-members $225 (includes unlimited Studio practice during the Challenge)

Got questions? 
Email info@barefootpotential.com.au or call 0439 392 737

Claire Sawatzky