New to yoga? No worries! We were all new to yoga at one time. As a newbie we're sure you have lots of questions. Read on and if you don't find what you're looking for you can always contact us or just drop by our studio and lean on someone from our great community!


  • It's best to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early to confirm your space and register and allow yourself time to get ready for class.

  • It's very easy to book online and it allows you to guarantee a spot in class. Your spot will be given away 10 minutes prior to class starting.

  • Class starts on time, and the door will often be locked as soon as the class starts.

  • Wear appropriate clothing; yoga pants, shorts or leggings. All clothing should be very comfortable, light weight and allow the body to breathe.

  • Come hydrated, remember to drink plenty of water before and after class.

  • Do not eat 2 to 3 hours before class. Yoga should not be practiced on a full stomach. It is fine to have a small snack before class.

  • Bring a yoga mat, water and towel (Yogitoe if you like as well!).

  • We have mats available to use

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should do yoga?

Everyone! We have yoga classes for everyone and to achieve any goal. Whatever you do, or whatever leads you to us, come and join the family; we can’t wait to meet you.

What if I'm not flexible?

This practice allows you to connect with your body where it is. There are no prerequisites to start your practice. You do what is available to you, whether you can’t touch your toes or are tight from sitting at your desk all week. With regular practice, you will see and feel amazing results!

What should I wear to class? What should I bring?

You will want to wear something that you feel comfortable moving and sweating in. Pretty much what you would wear to workout… but set your toes free and leave your socks and shoes at the door! You will need to bring a yoga mat, towel and a bottle of water. If you don’t have a mat we have plenty at the studio for you to borrow!

When should I arrive to class?

Our doors are typically open 20 minutes before the start of class if you want to chat and catch up with us! We do recommend reserving your spot in class online before coming in, although it is not mandatory. If it’s your first class, come on in about 20 minutes before class starts, if not, 15 minutes before the first down dog is ample time to get yourself set up.

Can I eat before class?

We don’t recommend it. You wouldn’t eat a full meal and jump in the pool or pound out a 10km run. It’s for the same reasons in yoga, but a light snack before class like a piece of fruit or a granola bar may be just what you need for that extra little kick of energy.

How much water should I drink?

 Coming to yoga well hydrated will be the most beneficial for you. During class, take small sips of water whenever you body tells you you need it.

Is there a minimum age requirement to participate in classses?

Yes, students 14 - 16 may attend class with a practicing parent or guardian over the age of 18.

Students over 16 may practice without a guardian present, except if they are the only student in class in which case the class will be cancelled.

Unfortunately, teens and children under the age of 14 are not allowed to participate in or observe classes.

Unattended minors in reception whilst classes are in session are also not allowed.

 Is yoga safe for pregnant yogis? What if I have a health condition?

As with any exercise program, there are two general rules of thumb: check with your physician and listen to your body to prevent injury, overwork and overheating. That being said, yoga has proven to have tremendous health benefits, as long as you are safe and modify to accommodate for any issues.

As far as pregnancy goes, it’s not usually a good idea to start a yoga practice if you have never stepped foot in a studio before. If you have a dedicated practice before becoming pregnant, consult a doctor if you are interested in continuing.

We do not recommend our Hot Yoga or Power Vinyasa to new Pregnant students.

For health conditions or injuries, if it’s OK’ed by your physician, please let your instructor know prior to class so that they can offer you modifications as you go.


Why Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga is a series of postures performed in a room heated to 37 degrees and 40-50% humidity. The heat allows muscles to stretch and become more flexible allowing you to get into poses and postures more deeply. The combination of heat and basic postures are specifically designed to give a comprehensive workout to the entire body. 


  • Calms the body and the mind

  • Increases flexibility

  • Assists with digestion and metabolism

  • Rejuvenates & energizes the body

  • Builds strength and tone muscles

  • Helps with mental clarity and focus