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Beginners Yoga Cowes Phillip Island

Yang to Yin

Balanced | mindful | whole

Ideal for a deeply integrated and balanced, body and mind.


Hot Yoga

Sweat | Open | Challenge

Ideal for opening and challenging the whole body.

Turn up the heat. Held in a 37 degree heated room - Hot Yoga is sweaty, strengthens your muscles and increases flexibility and balance with dynamic yet intensely satisfying yoga postures.

Expect to be challenged in both mind and body to build an inner fire that will help us burn off the things that bind us, setting ourselves free.

Power Vinyasa

Strong | Dynamic | Flowing Practice

Ideal for building physical power, flexibility and mental resilience.

Turn stress into sweat. Heated to 32 degrees this powerful class strengthens, balances and energises your entire body and mind as you move through more challenging postures and connected breath.

Power up your yoga practice like never before and transform both mind and body.

Slow Vinyasa

Flowing | Focused | Refined

Ideal for building strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and a calm mind.

Work every muscle through movement and breath at a moderate, but intuitive pace.

Designed to build strength and stamina for both the body and the mind.  Practitioners will appreciate the refinement and detail at a slower pace with extra time to move from floor to standing.

Flow Vinyasa Yoga Cowes Phillip Island

Vinyasa Flow

Flowing | Dynamic | Mindful Practice

Ideal for building a balance between body & mind, strength and flexibility.

Mindful movement and breath come together to create a flowing, glowing and energising yoga practise.  

The blend between strength and flexibility is perfectly balanced so that your body, mind and spirit find harmony.

It is energising, powerful and peaceful all blended into the one class.


Yin Yoga

Lengthen | ground | meditate

Ideal for releasing tension, opening connective tissues and stilling the mind.

Yin Yoga classes offer us a chance to balance the Yang nature of our lifestyles.  

This is a practise that is slower, grounding and meditative in it's nature. Postures are held for longer periods of time to connect to deeper, more subtle layers of the body. 

With the support of bolsters, blankets and blocks, deep inner tensions that live in the connective tissue can be released.